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Llysh Bocs -
Coming Soon!

Your local and lovingly grown low cost vegetable subscription box!


Llysh Bocs! - spoken as 'Lush Box' is a play on the Welsh word 'Llysiau' which means vegetables. 

Llysh Bocs is a locally grown, low cost vegetable subscription service based in RCT. All our veg is grown by local people across sites in Rhondda Cynon Taf, we only use organic methods, free from pesticides to ensure your vegetables are nutritious and delicious. 


Why Llysh Bocs? 

Most food is imported and high in carbon, fruit and veg is very often grown using pesticides which means its bad for the environment. 

Llysh Bocs is locally grown by local people, it is high in nutrition and flavour as result of regenerative community based agriculture. This means that it is environmentally friendly and good for the planet. Your money helps provide jobs and opportunities for local people. 


We ask that you sign up for a minimum of six months, that way we can ensure our prices are kept as low as we can.



Pricing starts at £12.95 for a standard box with different sized boxes of standard, medium and large.

Subscriptions will be based on weekly deliveries, with large boxes available as fortnightly as well. Watch this space for more information and sign up so you don't miss out! 

  • Standard Box £12.95 - 1kg of Potatoes, 500gms of Carrots, 5 varieties of seasonal veg and salad. 

  • Medium Box £13.95 - 1.5Kgs of Potatoes, 1Kg of Carrots and 6 varieties of seasonal veg and salad.

  • Large Box £15.95 - 2kgs of Potatoes, 2kgs of Carrots and 7 varieties of seasonal veg and salad.

There are limited subscription spaces, sign up to the waiting list and be part of Llysh Bocs movement.

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