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Our approach to emission reduction has been built around our core business as a community based organisation and aligned to the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 and several economic and policy models including - Foundational, Low-Carbon, Transition, Circular, Cultural and Well-Being economies - that determine levels of operational, cultural, social and environmental responsibility.

Adopting the goals of the 'Future Generations Act' and more holistic economic models, has enabled us to develop a unique set of community and society-focused strategies, which will drive our ambition to reduce emissions.



Alignment with Cynon Taf CHG Values and Priorities.


Realistic outcomes for the next ten years include:


It is important that we continue to reduce the amount of carbon we release into the atmosphere but equally important  is the development of mitigation strategies that draw down excess CO2 from the atmosphere and take our emissions Down to Zero, that is what we are working towards.


The need to decarbonise

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