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Ever had an interest in keeping bees? This 2 hour session is the perfect taster session and a fun, relaxing and enjoyable experience for everyone. Refreshements are available on site based in Mwyndy Cross industries in Pontyclun. The perfect gift for mothers or fathers day. 

Beekeeping experience 22/06/24

  • This is a gift experience inclusive of a 2 hour beekeeping session - you will be given a beekeeping suit and briefed accordingly, you will have the opportunity to learn, touch, see and experience the tranquility and beauty of beekeeping. Perfect for first timers and beginners. 

    Is it dangerous? Honeybees are docile and friendly creatures and we have held numerous activities without incident, however there is always a possibility you may be stung. If you are allergic or prone to allergies we would reccomend you avoid this activity.

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