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Are you a keen gardner or do you love growing food? Then join on to our Introduction to Biochar event and make your own bag of carbon capturing super fertiliser!


Often called black gold, Biochar is a black, carbon-rich, soil like material produced by thermally treating organic matter (biomass) in zero or limited oxygen conditions using a process called pyrolysis (we do this in our Biochar Kiln, pictured above). Biochar that goes through this process is rich in carbon, mineral and nutrients and is able to reduce pollutants and retain water which makes it the perfect fertiliser for growing your plants, veg and fruit. 

Introduction to Biochar 24/02/24

SKU: Bio240224
  • This is an experience day - during this day you will learn how to create your own biochar utlising our very own biochar Kiln in Mountain Ash. You will be sent your product a few days after the event has finished.

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