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Diolch - VOLUNTEERS - Thank you

It's volunteers week from the 1st - 7th of June and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to give a massive shout out and our thanks to all the volunteers who help make Down to Zero a success and such a special project.

Whether it's helping out on the odd occasion, supporting us through partnership working, giving your time at a strategic level as part of our board or you getting your hands dirty working the fields or in the workshop! We just want to say DIOLCH! THANK YOU!

Whilst we wont be naming anyone (because we know how shy everyone can be), we've added photo's below to celebrate everyone's achievements and how how far we have come over the last 10 months!

If you would like to volunteer please get in touch with

We can also offer corporate volunteering and wellbeing days at our site and would like to thank Interlink RCT for their efforts this week as part of Volunteers Week 2023! For corporate volunteering opportunities please get in touch for more details.

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